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Greeting from the Borstal Heath Wildlife Bloggers September 7, 2012

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Hello!  We locals here in Borstal Heath in the West Midlands have decided to start a blog to tell fellow wildlife lovers about our many and varied activities.  We are only a small village but we try to do our bit for wildlife and the environment – as well as have fun.  We hope you enjoy reading about us and please let us know your activities too.

Cheers m’dears



3 Responses to “Greeting from the Borstal Heath Wildlife Bloggers”

  1. Jack Dancing Says:

    Dear BHWB’s I grew up in Borstal Heath, but now live in Fiji. So it is great to read more about the wildlife and landscape of a place which has influenced me over 50 years. Do the corncrakes still serenade the water meadows of an evening. Many has been the time I have lain in damp grass being lulled into sleep by their wonderful craek craek….craek craek! It was very rare in those days to see woodpigeon and house sparrows though due to the over zealous cleaning of the MacAdam grain dryer hinterland. Does the heath have any Passer domesticus these days? I look forward to hearing more from this wonderful rural part of the West Midlands as I sip my Creme d’ Menthe cocktails in the sun.

    • bhwb Says:

      How lovely to hear from you! Marvellous that we BHers travel so far. I bet Fiji is very like BH on a summer’s day. Please do keep checking us for updates, and next time you come to visit your old mum, do drop in to see us – you can be sure of a warm welcome and a glass of Alan Sproggit’s excellent home brewed pale ale (much better than Creme d’Menthe I must add!)

    • bhwb Says:

      By the way dancingjackinthegreen (that isn’t your real name now is it Jack! Naughty!) we’ll be posting a corncrake blog very soon as SO MANY people have asked where our wonderful corncrake chorus has gone. It is a sad tale. Stay tuned.

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