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Borstal Heath Brownfield Beetles September 11, 2012

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The ever enthusiastic bugman Richard Jones (we all read you avidly Richard!) opened our eyes to a treasure we have here in Borstal Heath.  The ruins of the fishnet stocking factory are a sad eyesore for us all.  Where once a magnificent monument to commerce and good nights out proudly stood, is now nothing but a sad ruin. Tumble weed blows across the cracked concrete and disaffected youth from the Bull Ring drink 7-Ups leaning against the once ornate pillars, supporting nothing but  sheets of asbestos flapping in the cold wind.  But Richard, bless him, helped us realise that this is not a wasteland but a wildlife rich brown field site – a veritable safari park of treasures.  The various Borstal Heath Wildlife Groups set off to uncover no end of goodies hiding in cracks.

It was particularly exciting to find a rather lovely beetle we hadn’t noticed before.  I wonder if Richard or others could help us identify it?


Anyway, there are thousands of them and we plan to use them in the annual Borstal Heath Blast-a-Beetle competition.  We collect various little critters and assemble a pile each.  The person who can shoot a beetle the furthest distance gets a prize.  Last year Marg Crutchley managed to fire a stag beetle into Farmer Stan’s Port and Lemon – and he was 3 fields away milking a bull.  Fine pair of lungs that woman has.

Off now to start collecting them…do come along and join in and have a go yourselves, you’ll have a fun afternoon I guarantee!


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