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Badger Cullers Beware! September 22, 2012

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observant local badgerImage

We here in Borstal Heath are prepared.  Not since WW2 have the defences been manned so effectively.  No badger cull type person will be safe within a mile of the BH badger set, which is now concealed behind a heavy fortress in our local woodland.  There are trenches, man traps and trip wires, as well as Marg Crutchley and Burt Winterbottom on site poised to fire poisoned darts.  In order to make the defences even more effective our own wild animal trainer (and technical guru) Techy Terry has been training the local badgers to look out for possible government officials and to fire on them, just in case they get past the first line of anti culling paraphanalia.  Inspired by nature TV programmes on meercats he has taught the baders to take turns to act as sentries.

As you can see from the 2 photos, it is working very well.

We have had one slight mishap however, when our local MP heard about our activities and went to inspect what we had installed the badger above saw his government brief case and, as trained, opened fire.  The vacancy for MP for Borstal Heath will be announced imminently.

Badger cullers – beware!


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