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Borstal Heath Barnet ID September 24, 2012

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Gouldian Finches

Now this is very interesting!  These marvellously clever scientists have found that a bird’s head colour is related to its personality (in Gouldian Finches anyway).  Now really, there was no need to spend all that grant money on looking at finches for years on end – they could have simply come to BH on a Friday night.

The very clever Liverpool researches found that red-headed finches are more aggressive than other colours – I’ll say! Marg C is far more likely to demonstrate aggressive behaviour (biting, head butting etc) if others try to get the attention of Barry the Barman ahead of her than say the mousey coloured Joyce Walduck.


Adam Richman having a starter.

The scientists also found that black headed finches were quicker to come back to a feeding station after being shown a silhouette of a bird of prey than other colours.  Yes indeed!  The other night we had a little joshing joke at poor Beefy Betty’s expense (she of the highly curlered black barnet).  We put a cardboard cut out of  Adam Richman (of the marvellous TV programme Man v Food) carrying a machete and machine gun inside the chip shop and the result was extraordinary.  The cardboard cut out became hampster bedding in seconds – no food monster was going to go near Betty’s trough – no siree!


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