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Harvestman on stilts! September 27, 2012

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Now this is fascinating!  That very talented bug lover Paul Richards has discovered a brand new harvestman spider in Barnsley.  Barnsley of all places!  And would you believe it is 6″ across!!!  That would have our very timid Joyce Walduck heading for the nearest stepladder.  6″ is one hell of a leggy critter.

Apparently they are called harvestmen after shepherds in days gone by who used to survey their flocks on stilts.  We here in Borstal Heath have been surveying our flocks of sheep like this for years.  And recently, to save money on dog whistles and Pedigree Chum we have upgraded them from wood to running blades – AKA Olympics style, so we can chase the sheep too.  Marvellous.


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