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Netting October 7, 2012

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Bittern in Borstal Heath


Marg’s fishnet tights

There’s an awful lot of it about at the moment – people stringing nets up all over the place to catch birds and ringing them.  Nothing new to us here in BH.  We have been carrying out a long term ringing project on the rare bittern which inhabits the vast reed beds that surround village pond.  There must be thousands in there.  Each autumn we string nets up, catch them and put marked ring pulls around their chubby legs.  Sadly however this year’s ringing had to come to an abrupt end when Marg C rushed into the reeds and grabbed her fishnet stockings back – she said she needed them for a barn dance in Bileston.  Protest we did as one poor bittern was still stuck in them – but she paid no heed.  I bet the poor thing has a headache after a night on the town trapped in Marg’s hosiery.


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